Utility Room

The utility room, with a hungry mouse nibbling pellets, a crack in the wall, and a furnace.

Utility Room Hazard: Rat Poison

Arsenic is found in some mouse and rat poisons. Arsenic is also a serious poison for humans. Never touch any pest poison.

Utility Room Hazard: Radon Gas

Radon is an invisible radioactive gas with no smell. It is formed by the decay of uranium in rocks and soil. Radon can get into a basement from the soil underneath the house. If you breathe a lot of radon for a long time, you might get sick.

Utility Room Hazard: Gas from the Furnace

Carbon monoxide is a gas that you cannot smell, see, or taste. Breathing in too much carbon monoxide in an enclosed space can be very dangerous. Carbon monoxide can be a problem in a home with a gas furnace that is not working properly.