Living Room

The livingroom, with powersaw and paint thinner for redecorating and a broken thermostat.

Living Room Hazard: Paint Thinner

Paint thinner is used to make paint, stains, and varnishes thinner and easier to use. It is made of chemicals that are very toxic and can cause serious health problems. Touching, breathing, or swallowing paint thinner can make you very sick.

Living Room Hazard: Broken Thermostat

Mercury is used in some thermometers and thermostats because it expands and contracts with changing temperatures. It has no smell, but is very shiny. Mercury is very dangerous and toxic if you touch, breathe, or swallow it.

Living Room Hazard: Sawdust in the Air

Little particles of dust and dirt that float in the air are called particulate sawdust from a power saw. Breathing too much particulate matter is not good for your health. It can make you cough or have trouble breathing.