Child's Bedroom

The child's bedroom, with model airplane glue, flaky paint, and a broken toy car.

Child's Bedroom Hazard: Batteries in the toy car

Batteries are great for making toys and tools and things like that run without an electrical cord. But, some batteries can contain harmful acids that can burn your skin. Also, batteries are made with metals like mercury, lead, and nickel that can make you sick if you swallowed them.

Child's Bedroom Hazard: Toluene in the Glue

Toluene is a clear liquid with a strong, sweet smell. It can be in fumes from glue and paint, and in pollution from cars and trucks. Breathing too much toluene can make you very sick.

Child's Bedroom Hazard: Lead in the Paint

Lead might be found in the paint of older homes. Lead paint is very dangerous if it starts peeling and kids breathe or swallow small chips of it.